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Versus Omega - Limburg's SME belongs to the absolute world summit

When you see a semi-trailer with a sliding sail, it's very real that the sliding roof of this trailer is from Limburg's real estate. Versus Omega in Opglabbeek is, after all, the world's second largest manufacturer of trailer lifting and sliding roofs.


You probably will not be silent, but almost every trailer, equipped with sliding sides on the side, is also provided with a sliding roof. Three major manufacturers divide the global cake. Versus Omega in Opglabbeek is number two, and the only kmo. "That's right," says manager Erik Rogiers. "The other two companies are part of a large group. We keep it consciously smaller. That makes us very flexible and can respond promptly to customer demand. These customers are almost all major manufacturers of semi-trailers in Europe and the Middle East. "

Lifting and sliding roofs

In order to load a trailer, using a crane or loading bridge, the roof of this trailer must be able to slide the goods in the cargo area at the top. Typical goods so loaded are: heavy steel bones, marble plates, long pipes, wood, metal or the like more. For loading large pallets or containers through the side of the trailer, Versus manufactures a Hefdak. This allows you to easily lift, load or unload the trailer roof laterally, and then simply lower it again. This way, every square inch of loading space can be used quickly and safely. Because a carrier, when buying a trailer, does not always know what goods he will transport, most trailers with both a sliding roof and a lifting roof are equipped. In this way, he is always flexible for all types of loads, and in addition, both options increase the value of any second-hand sales.

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